Felinar LED Duracell EXPLORER™ LNT-10

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                  Felinar LED Duracell EXPLORER™ LNT-10

EXPLORER™ Family: The Indispensable fflashlight to explore the world. For free hands and a great visibility.


LANTERN: For camping, backpacking or anyother outdoor experience, the LANTERN-Series offers the perfect light sources.

- 8 x Super clear LED


- 3 x AA Baterii Duracell Incluse


- Dimensiuni (in cm):15.0 / 7.0 / 5.9


- Greutate (in g):122


Duracell EXPLORER™ LNT-10









Tough Multi MLT-100 incl. 6xAA

Tough Multi MLT-10 incl. 4xAA

Tough Multi MLT-1 incl. 3xAAA

Tough Focus FCS-100 excl. 2xD

Tough Focus FCS-10 excl. 2xC

Tough Focus FCS-1 incl. 2xAA

Tough Solid SLD-100 excl. 2xD

Tough Solid SLD-10 excl. 2xC

Tough Solid SLD-1 incl. 2xAA

Tough Compact CMP-1 incl.3xAAA

Tough Compact CMP-3 incl.3xAAA

Tough Compact CMP-5 incl.3xAAA

Tough Slim SLM-10 incl.2xAA

Tough Keylight KEY-1 incl. 1xAAA

Tough Penlight PEN-1 incl.2xAA

Voyager Power PWR-10 incl.4xAA

Voyager Classic CL-10 excl.2xD

Voyager Classic CL-1 incl.2xAA

Voyager Classic Extended CLX-10 excl. 2xD

Voyager Classic Extended CLX-1 incl. 2xAA

Voyager Stella STL-1 incl.1xAAA

Voyager Stella STL-3 incl.2xAA

Voyager Stella STL-5 incl.4xAA

Voyager Stella STL-7 incl.4xAA

Explorer Lantern LNT-10 incl. 3xAAA

Explorer Lantern LNT-100 excl. 3xD

Explorer Lantern FLN-1 blue excl. 4xD oder 1x6V

Explorer Lantern FLN-1Y yellow excl. 4xD oder 1x6V

Explorer Headlamp HDL-1 incl. 3xAAA


Lanterne Duracell LED Romania

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